Voluntary, Community & Faith Groups

Voluntary, community and faith groups play an important role within the community by providing services and support to children and their families. They have a duty to ensure that they are able to keep children safe and that the governance structures are in place in their organisations to ensure this happen.

The CHSCB has a Community Partnership Advisor (CPA) within its team to provide support to these organisations. The role of the CPA was born out of the London Safeguarding Children Board Community Partnership Project. A key objective for the Community Partnership Project was to engage black and minority ethnic communities and faith groups in safeguarding their children. The aim of the Community Partnership Advisor role is to improve partnership working between statutory bodies, faith groups and minority ethnic communities. This is achieved by gathering and sharing information, promoting improvement in practice and increasing awareness on safeguarding children. The thrust of the work focuses on working in partnership with schools, supplementary schools, faith based and community organisations. As part of the role, the CPA delivers child protection training to the voluntary sector, faith group, schools and to parents within the community. The CPA also provides case advice to professionals on issues related to faith, culture, honour based violence and force marriage and female genital mutilation. If your organisation or group requires support or advice on developing your child protection policy or would like to receive training please contact  the Community Partnership Advisor. Find out more about the role here.


The voluntary sector is represented on the CHSCB by a representative from the Hackney Council for Voluntary Service (HCVS). HCVS provide information, advice and support to local voluntary and community organisations.


The national Safe Network provides information and training to voluntary organisations, umbrella organisations and advice and support to parents about keeping children safe when they take part in voluntary activities.

The Safe Network will be able to provide help with the following:

  • Information on things to consider when setting up a new group
  • Training and awareness
  • Advice on writing policies and procedures
  • Resources
  • Specialised advice, links and resources for church groups and faith communities, including our BME communities CD-rom.
  • Help with combating bullying within your setting.