Safeguarding Self-Assessments

Organisations identified as a relevant agency (those involved with the safeguarding of local children and under Section 16G of the Children Act 2004must act in accordance with the CHSCP’s arrangements.  This is a statutory requirement. A basic expectation of our arrangements is that relevant agencies meet a number of minimum standards.  These broadly relate to the people employed or volunteering for an organisation, the policies in place and the practice undertaken.

To help organisations meet these standards, we have previously issued what were known as Section 11 and Section 157/175 audits.  By organisations completing these audits, it helped them identify where improvements might be required to make children safer.

The CHSCP has revised these audits and replaced them with a new Safeguarding Self-Assessment Framework.  Whilst the content continues to cover key standards, there are a number of changes:

– The Safeguarding Self-Assessment Framework is now an on-line tool. This has been emailed out to relevant agencies.  The old excel sheets are gone.  Once registered, you will be able to complete, amend and update your self-assessment entirely on-line.

– There are three different formats depending on the size and type of your organisation.  You will have been sent the link most relevant to your organisation.

– Once the self-assessment is completed and submitted, you will automatically be sent a pdf report of your results and actions that can be shared with management committees / trustees or provided to regulators etc.

If you have any queries in regard to the completion of the online self-assessment tool, please contact Sandra Reid, Business and Performance Manager for CHSCP on 0208 356 4175 or email using

Peer Reviews

The above audits are subject to scrutiny and oversight by the CHSCB. To further strengthen this oversight and provide additional support to partner agencies, the CHSCB has introduced a Peer Review process for audit returns. The Peer Review process helps partner agencies reflect on and improve safeguarding services for children and young people.