FGM & Breast Flattening

FGM & Breast Flattening

Group B/C: FGM & Breast Flattening – 18th Feb 2020, 09.30 – 13.00

The aim of this half day course is to enhance the understanding and skills of all professionals to act appropriately and confidently to protect and support girls who are at risk or have been subjected to FGM and/or breast flattening.

By the end of the training participants will have:

  • Gained a greater understanding about what FGM and breast flattening are, reasons for the practice, prevalence and the impact on girls’ and women’s lives.
  • Been made aware of key legislation and statutory guidance that determines their personal safeguarding role.
  • Understood the process for requesting an FGM Protection Order in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.
  • Been made aware of the role of key services and explored gaps in local provision and how to address these.
  • Considered how to effectively and sustainably engage with girls, their families and communities.
  • Gained confidence in dealing with cases of FGM & breast flattening.


Group B/C: FGM Risk Assessment Tool

The aim of this half day course is to enable participants to use the FGM Assessment Tool to enhance their assessment of FGM cases.

By the end of the training participants will be:

  • Able to reflect on their understanding of the many dimensions of FGM.
  • Better prepared to carry out an FGM assessment in a timely manner.
  • More confident to discuss FGM with girls and families.
  • More confident to develop safety plans with girls and families.


What delegates have said about these courses: 

“I now know how to identify potential incidents of FGM & Breast Flattening and how to have conversations with families”

“This training will enable me to implement efficient care plans tailored to protect children from harm”

“Excellent training & trainer – great facilitation – thank you!”


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