SCR Learning Seminars

The CHSCB offer a range of learning seminars designed to share key findings from Local Learning and Serious Case Reviews. These are bite sized modules with local focus for a multi-agency audience.

There are no forthcoming seminars.


An overview of recent seminars can be found below. Copies of the seminar presentations can be downloaded using the buttons on the right.

Author: Rory McCallum, Senior Professional Advisor, CHSCB

Chadrack was a four year old boy with complex learning needs, whose mother died unexpectedly at home in early October 2016. He did not know how to call for help or to feed himself properly, and so tragically died a fortnight later.

Read the full Learning Review report HERE.

This seminar, delivered by the author of the review, Rory McCallum, Senior Professional Advisor, will provide an overview of Chadrack’s story, the key lessons from the review and what professionals on the front-line need to know:

–     The importance of thinking safeguarding first when dealing with absence, attendance and missing from education.

–     Understanding the context of the child’s life.

–     Understanding the carers context and limitations.

–     The practical application of professional curiosity; beyond rhetoric

–     Keeping children safe in education; if you cannot demand you can always ask.

Author: Fergus Smith, CAe

Child M was found to have bruising to the face and horrific fractures to both femurs. These injuries were deemed non-accidental. The SCR identifies evidence of parental avoidance and disguised compliance and insufficient professional curiosity and challenge. Both parents were found to be guilty of child cruelty.


Click the following link to read the full Child M Case Review Report and the CHSCB Response here.

Child N was assaulted and killed by his father, his female twin, Child O also sustained serious injuries during the same attack. There were simply no warning signs. This was not a family with an extensive history of professional involvement, nor was there anything to distinguish these parents from thousands of others in similar circumstances.


Click the following links to read the full Children N & O Case Review Report and the CHSCB Response here.

This seminar, delivered by Rory McCallum, Professional Advisor, CHSCB will provide an overview of Child M and Children N and O cases, the key lessons from the review and what professionals on the font line, need to take away with them, including:

–     The importance of developing plans which respond to the possibility of deliberate harm.

–     The need for professional curiosity, challenging avoidance and disguised compliance in parents.

–     The need to remain aware of the significance of bruising in pre-mobile children.

–     The importance of understanding the role of fathers.

–     The need to actively consider the risk of domestic abuse in all routine enquiries.

–     The need for wider understanding about the risks associated with those who seek to control, and coercively control others.