Key Roles and Relationships

The City of London Corporation and Hackney Council

Both Local Authorities are responsible for establishing an LSCB in their area and ensuring that it is run effectively.  The City of London Corporation and Hackney Council have agreed to the operation of a dual-borough Board given the range of organisations covering both areas.

The Independent Chair

The Independent Chair of the CHSCB is Jim Gamble, QPM.  Supported by a Senior Professional Advisor, a Board Manager and a dedicated team, the Independent Chair is tasked with ensuring that the Board fulfils its statutory objectives and functions.  Key to this is the facilitation of a working culture of transparency, challenge and improvement across all partners with regards to their safeguarding arrangements.

The Town Clerk (City) and The Chief Executive (Hackney)

The Independent Chair is directly accountable to both the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hackney and the Town Clerk of the City of London for the effective working of the CHSCB.

Directors of Children's Services and Lead Members

The Independent Chair works closely with the Directors of Children’s Services (DCS) for the City of London and Hackney.  The DCS plays a key role in promoting the safeguarding and welfare of children across all agencies. The DCS has statutory responsibility for improving outcomes for children and young people in their areas under section 18 Children Act 2004.  The elected Lead Members in each area sit on the CHSCB as “participant observers” (non-voting).

Partner Agencies

All partner agencies across the City of London and the London Borough of Hackney are committed to ensuring the effective operation of CHSCB.  Members of the Board hold a strategic role within an organisation are able to speak for their organisation with authority, commit their organisation on policy and practice matters and hold their organisation to account.

Designated Professionals

The CHSCB benefits from a Designated Doctor and Nurse that take a strategic, professional lead on all aspects of the health service contribution to safeguarding children. These designated professionals are a vital source of professional advice on safeguarding children matters to partner agencies and the CHSCB.

Lay Members

Two lay members participate on the Board as full members. The role of lay members is to make links between the Board and community groups, support stronger public engagement in local child safety issues and to develop an improved public understanding of the Board’s child protection and safeguarding work.

Relationship with other Boards

Ongoing engagement by the Independent Chair with the City & Hackney Safeguarding Adults Board (CHSAB) and the respective Health and Wellbeing Boards and Community Safety Partnerships across both the City of London and Hackney, ensures that children and young people are kept firmly on the agenda in terms of multi-agency work involving vulnerable adults, health and wellbeing and the local responses to crime.