Group A/B/C: MASTERCLASS – FAST Spot the Signs (of radicalisation)

Hackney Learning Trust

1 Reading Lane, London E8 1GQ

18 February 2019

10.00 – 12.00

Group A/B/C


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Course details:

Aim of the course

FAST – Families Against Stress & Trauma is a UK based organisation providing support to vulnerable families and individuals whose lives have been affected by the trauma of losing loved ones to hateful ideologies and groups.

FAST – Spot the signs is a 2 hour masterclass which is designed to help professionals recognise the signs of radicalisation that can have a devastating impact on families. Participants are also given advice on who they can reach out to for advice and guidance.


By the end of the masterclass participants will have:

  • A better understanding of the potential paths to radicalisation and the factors/behaviours that are commonly found in those who may have been exposed to extremist ideas.
  • An enhanced awareness of the potential triggers for young people to act on their new-found beliefs.
  • Greater confidence in spotting the signs of radicalisation and knowing what to do if there are any identified concerns.

Facilitator: Families Matter