Early Help & Referral Criteria

Across both the City of London and the London Borough of Hackney, the approach and expectation is that local agencies will work together and collaborate to identify children with additional needs and provide support as soon as a problem emerges.

Under the statutory guidance issued in Working Together 2018, the CHSCB has approved and published guidance for all professionals and volunteers working with children and young people that covers:

  1. The process for early help assessment and the type and level of early help services to be provided.
  2. The criteria, including the level of need, when a case should be referred to local authority children’s social care for assessment and for statutory services under:
  • section 17 of the Children Act 1989 – children in need;
  • section 47 of the Children Act 1989 -reasonable cause to suspect       children suffering or likely to suffer significant harm
  • section 31 of the Children Act 1989 -care orders
  • section 20 of the Children Act 1989 – duty to accommodate a child.

Hackney Children and Young People’s Resource Guide

This document assists professionals working within the London Borough of Hackney to navigate the diverse range of services for children and families with support needs.

The Hackney Children and Young People’s resource guide also includes comprehensive directory of services, from health through to education and youth services, as well as adult services, in recognition that much of the work with children also involves work with the adults around them. The directory includes contact details, a service description, access criteria and referral processes for each service.

Hackney Child Wellbeing Framework

The Hackney Child Wellbeing Framework focuses upon the needs and risk of harm to children and families within their environment or context. It is intended to support discussion about the levels of harm and the most appropriate response, rather than a threshold for particular services. The framework is displayed in two parts:

1. Hackney Child and Family Wellbeing Framework – this relates to needs or risk of harm as they relate to individual or familial situations, and

2. Hackney Contexts Wellbeing Framework – this relates to needs or risk of harm within contexts – i.e. a peer group, school or location.

The City of London Thresholds of Need 

This document offers guidance on a multi-agency, whole-system approach to assessment, prevention and intervention for children, young people and their families across the City of London. The guidance supports the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

This City of London Thresholds of Need is based on a ‘Continuum of Need’ model.  This gives consistency for professionals, sets out a dynamic and needs-led framework which, when used effectively, can match the child or young person’s needs with the appropriate assessment and provision.  This makes sure that the right help is given at the right time.