Child Death Reviews

The Children and Social Work Act (2017), Working Together: transitional guidance (2018) and the subsequent Child Death Review Statutory and Operational Guidance (updated January 2019) (the national guidance) set out how local authorities and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are required to come together as Child Death Review (CDR) partners.  Under the new legislation, CDR partners must make arrangements for the review of every death of a child normally resident in the local authority area. The purpose of child death reviews is to identify and act on learning at local and national level that could prevent future deaths.

The national guidance aims to standardise outputs from child death reviews as much as possible by setting out key features of a robust child death review process. This includes formal collaboration between CDR partners to ensure that child death reviews will be undertaken at greater scale.  The CDR systems are required to encompass operational footprints with a minimum case review level of 60 cases per annum. The guidance sets out standardised approaches to key elements in the CDR process, such as:

Immediate decision making and notifications

Investigating and information gathering

The child death review meeting (CDRM)

The child death overview panel (CDOP)

Family engagement and bereavement support

The nationally set timelines for transition to the new arrangements are that all CDR Partners are required to publish details of their new arrangements by 29 June 2019.  Pending the implementation of the new CDR arrangements by 29 September 2019, the existing procedures governing child deaths remain in place.

Notification Process

Any agency/professional becoming aware of a child death occurring in City or Hackney; or a death of a normally resident City or Hackney child occurring elsewhere, should make a notification to the City and Hackney Child Death Overview Panel Coordinator who is also our single point of contact: Yeba Forbang.

Notification should be made using this LINK.

Following notification of the death of a child, the coordinator will establish which agencies and professionals have been involved with the child or family either prior to or at the time of death by contacting the lead professionals in each agency.

The Agency Report Form B will then be sent by the coordinator to the lead professional in each agency and to any professionals known to have been involved for completion.

Professionals receiving a Form B for completion should retrieve the agency’s case records for the child or other family members and complete on the form any information known to them or their organisation or alternatively forward a summary of the agency’s case records to the coordinator within the requested time (usually 10-14 days).